Credits : Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor


I shot this very short film on a train in India while traveling from Rajhastan to New Delhi.

The light, colors and faces really inspired me and I edited this 60 seconds piece with the idea it will be a great short for the web.

It ended up being showcased in a dozen festivals around the world, in a travel salon in London and aired on PBS in the USA on the immense possibilities network.

List of Festivals :

Official selection 2015 - The Adventure Travel Film Festival, London, UK
Official selection 2015 - Kinolit Film Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Official selection 2015 - Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain
Official selection 2015 - The Monthly Film Festival, Glasgow, UK
Official selection 2016 - Adventure Travel Show, London, UK
Official selection 2016 - Ephemeral Film Festival, Messiah College, USA
Official selection 2016 - Vagrant Film Festival, Belarus, Around the world
Official selection 2016 - Miniature Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada
Official selection 2016 - 60 seconds or less film festival, Washington, USA
Official selection 2016 - 60 seconds international film festival, Pakistan